Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We are IN!

Yes, somehow, we are inspected and living in our new home. A little disorganized, still, but IN. And we even had our first overnight guests, my sis and her guy, visiting us from Minnesota. They were here for two nights and parts of 3 days, and it was good to have some time with her. They are visiting with friends in St. Petersburg for a few days, and will return to spend a few more days with us, starting on Thursday.

Yesterday we finally got the F350 licensed. Ouch, that sales tax -- 7%. I must say that even tho' most states do this, it feels so unfair to pay sales tax on a vehicle which already was taxed when it was brand-new. However... it is nice to be street legal, since we're licensed and insured now.

Anyway, this is just a brief update -- and I will (hopefully) be a little more descriptive in a future post. Tonight, I am just TIRED. Had my second golf lesson this morning and felt like I made a little progress from the prior week. Then came home, rounded up Mr. L and ran out for lunch at Jason's Deli -- one of my very favorite-ist places to eat -- then to Sam's Club for fresh fruit (my body feels the need!) and to Home Depot for a Weber barbecue. I am anxious to cook a bit more things at home (yes, Virginia, you CAN eat too many meals out) and hope that this place will be conducive to that. Love the new cooking range -- they heat up SO quickly, these new electric models! Yawn... gotta run for some shut-eye!

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The Retired One said...

Thank goodness!
Send me an email with your new address, ok?
And we need pictures!!!!!
Give Amy a hug from me too!