Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not even a month has gone by....

Well, guess I should at - at a minimum - let you know what happened on my last visit/checkup in Minneapolis. That was June 27th. Prior to that visit, I had to have another CT scan, which I had in Duluth. That was a Tuesday, and my checkup was Friday. The gist of that summary is that nothing really suspicious has shown up - BUT - in good, tightly-monitored cases as mine (stage 3C), they don't go too long between checkups. So they want another CT scan preceding my next checkup, late in October.

So I have my life back, sorta. I do NOT dwell on what might be going on inside my body. I just hope for the best and keep busy. That helps.

I am on a couple of Facebook sites for cancer patients/families. One is called It Ain't Chemo, and another is technically NOT for me (my age group, that is), called Stupid Cancer. A third one is Choose Hope. If you are on Facebook, you can view (or even "like" them, if you want to see their posts). Stupid Cancer is mainly aimed at the 20 - to - 40-yr-old group, one that they felt was UNDERserved (a lot of attention is focused on pediatric cancer), so they formed their own group. I may order a t-shirt or two from Stupid Cancer. I particularly like the one that states, "STUPID CANCER - get busy LIVING" (the caps are MY choice), because that says it all to me. They also have web sites: and and All of these sell merchandise on their sites (goes to cancer research and/or support of patients and their families), and some of them accept outright donations.

Injured my back pretty badly, about 6 weeks ago. I first strained it on the lower right side while we were moving three (yes, you read that correctly) SETS of box springs/mattresses. The oldest one was given to his son, the next oldest moved into the spare bedroom, and the newest into the master. I pulled it while we were toting the first set, and at that point, I still had to "play injured" (football term) and do the other two sets. Then it was getting a bit better, and I re-strained it (same side) by moving furniture. And this went on and on for weeks, until my LEFT side was so bad that I could barely move. My guy INSISTED that I go to his chiropractor, who, after 3 visits, has actually got me moving again. Who knew that the human back could be so painful? This is, by the way, my first go-round with back problems and my first experience with a chiropractor. The doc really knew his stuff, so I am a convert to using a chiro in these circumstances. I am also grateful that I have gone over 60 years with no trouble like this before.

I have some photos that I need to post and will probably put them in a single post - me with/without hair, on the table for radiation, in the U for infusion (chemo drugs), etc. BTW, my hair is (once again) s-l-o-o-w-w-ly starting its regrowth. Half an inch a month... will be a long process and I will be wearing this wig for what will see forever. I do NOT look good in short hair, so the wig will be my camouflage for a year or better, I am thinking.

So, that's pretty much what has been happening in my life, folks. Gotta end this and make the drive to see my mom for a few hours. That's about a half-hour drive from "work" (L's shop), and an hour from the house. So tootaloo...