Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh, so bad...

I just don't know what happened to me. Lost the "big Mo" or something like that. My apologies to any (are there any?) faithful readers.

Before I go on, let me mention something that has been requested of me. This seems like a worthy cause, so if you are in the region that this covers (appears to be the northeastern part of the U.S), please consider hosting a child or children. I never went to summer camp, but grew up in a small town and had exposure to the outdoors a-plenty. But for an inner-city child, this might be a dream come true. Please note that it appears this takes place in EARLY July, so time is of the essence. Thank you for considering this.

On a positive, slightly personal note... my life is, once more, back to the previous mode, only a bit better. Without trying to sound mysterious, it was a personal thing and I believe that things are going well, looking UP, and I am more optimistic. And then I will drop this subject.

Getting tired of the cooler/colder weather that keeps rearing its ugly head up here in Da Nord Country. Not even reaching 60 degrees today, folks. My friends in Texas would probably like relief from the sweltering or scorching heat they are experiencing, but I doubt that they would like THIS weather.

The lupines are flowering along the dirt road from my guys' house. Mostly seem to be the purple/violet shades, with a handful of white ones. And lilacs are in bloom in the area, too. I always missed lilacs, all the time I lived in Texas. The only time I encountered lilacs during that time, was on a trip to London in May in the mid-90's. First I smelled them, then followed my nose to the source. In a public park - I think it may have been Hyde Park. Isn't that the one that has the Speaker's Corner? But then again, some years have intervened and my memory isn't all THAT trustworthy.

So, once again, apologies to any readers. I will try harder to post, honestly, I will. Hugs to all...