Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pinktober -- NO!

It appears that my reader(s) -- they ever DID exist, have dwindled. Might be because I have not posted since July of 2013...

Anyway, if you stumble across the current posting, please, PLEASE read this woman's blog. And you might be suddenly aware of why MANY of us (cancer warriors) do NOT support this blatant commercialization of breast cancer awareness.

Heather's blog on Pinktober

She states (correctly) that all kinds of companies use this as an opportunity to SELL stuff, by putting pink ribbons on their products.

Heather, by the way, is dealing with breast cancer. She objects (as do most of us) to the companies who say they will give X-amount of dollars to cancer research. Once that amount is reached, they do NOT give any of the additional funds to research. And SOME companies do not even SAY they are donating funds to research - they just slap that ol' pink ribbon on the products.

The cancer that I am dealing with, uterine/endometrial cancer, uses a peach ribbon. I refuse to wear this, because it assumed to be PINK. More recently the teal ribbon, originally used for ovarian cancer, has been adapted/adopted for ALL gyno (gynecological) cancers. There is NO confusion with the dreaded pink ribbon.

Okay, that's it, folks. Happy Tuesday!