Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camp Widow

I do not know how many widows/widowers read my blog (or in fact, how many have EVER read this). However, having been recently in contact with a younger widow (lost her spouse at age 39), at her request, I am publishing this note --

Camp Widow will be held in San Diego this year, from Aug. 6 - 8 (Friday thru Sunday). It is NOT a place for much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Instead, it is a place to meet others who are in YOUR place, who have many of the same concerns and anxieties and problems that we have faced, are still facing. Young children at home, financial concerns, possibly how/when to approach dating... you get the picture.

Here's the website for registration:


It looks like a great time, with workshops that you will certainly find helpful, or possibly eye-opening. I wish that I had found this group, especially during my initial year or so of widowhood. Believe me, like most non-elderly widows, I was floundering. And I am not saying that elderly widows do NOT flounder. Loss is difficult for all of us, no matter the age when it happens.

Anyway... Quoting from the registration site:

"Camp Widow welcomes anyone who has lost a life partner to participate in this program. We are an inclusive, non-denominational organization focused on hope and healing through the grieving process." So... I think they are saying, if you see yourself as a widow/widower, then WELCOME.

Even if you can drive down for just one of the days and check out a few workshops, please check it out. And maybe let me know how it was for you. {{{HUGS}}} to you all. I'll be there in spirit...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Yes, just another way to bleed money away from a widow's hands...

In 2008, my husband contracted with APX Alarm for a two-year contract (reduced rates when signing for two years, probably). The alarm stick-up artists company would debit our VISA card automatically for those two years. So then the following turn of events occurred:

Greg died in May of 2008

I sold my house and closed on it in August 2009

I contacted APX that same month, and they told me that, unless the new occupants/owners decided to "pick up" the contract, APX was legally able to debit my VISA card until May of 2010

I informed the new owners of this and left it up to them. Obviously, they chose to NOT have a contract with APX, as the automatic "hickies" to my VISA account continued.

When I saw the debit for May of this year, I assumed it would be the last one

Imagine my delight at seeing yet another debit, dated June 28, 2010...

I phoned APX and had the door shut in my face, as far as being able to cancel the automatic renewal that had taken place. NO ONE had told me that this would be an automatic renewal, and now I am paying $43.xx monthly for a goddamned house that I do not even care about anymore. Although I am sure the current owners attach some value to this place.

The sweet-talkin' customer rep had the balls to ask me if "there was anything else he could do for me" -- as if this was NOT enough that they were doing TO me

This is a warning to one and all... pump those damned customer reps for ALL information and FORCE them to tell you when or IF a contract will renew automatically

I am SMOKIN'...