Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas and SNOW!!

So, yeah -- lots of snow over Dec. 24th and 25th. About 24" total, and ALL of it very wet, very heavy and sticky. Perfect for building snowmen, but the pits where roads and shovelling and plowing are concerned. However, some great photos are possible. Unfortunately, I only had some so-so ones, but I'll share them anyway.

This was one of the last ones taken - had a lovely blue-sky time so the sun played up the scene nicely. Other ones showed lots of snow, but they almost look like old-timey photos when black-and-white were the only photos possible.

This is taken during the heart of all the falling snows -- has that very greyed-down look, and the falling snow is very obvious. Yes, I agree that it was attractive. But driving on so many washer-board-surfaced roads is not fun. The wet snow packed down onto the paved roads long before the plows could attempt any clearing. And remember that many plow operators were not gung-ho to get out there (even WITH overtime pay) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It was snowing pretty heavily when this was taken - I think it was early afternoon of the 25th.

Taken towards the same general area as the proceeding photo, but without the heavily-falling snow. Maybe on the 23rd or a few days before that. But the snow had already made its presence known. Winter was here to STAY for the season.

But... it was a good holiday, and we tried to see both sides of the family as much as we could. My family likes him, and his family seems to like me, as well. A few days after our return to Florida, he helped his daughter get set up with Skype. It was fun to see them that first time -- the 7-year-old and 9-year-old were all, "Hi, Grandpa!" and also wanted to see me in the frame. But then they were very typical boys of that age, making all sorts of faces that they could see in their small set-in frame on their laptop monitor. We just laughed and laughed at that. It makes the miles between us seem less distant.

Now... that nearly nationwide cold snap is hitting us down here, too. Ugh. It can leave anytime it wants to! But... it seems that it will hang around for the next week, and MAY leave around next Wednesday. I know... it could be worse - and we could be shoveling that white stuff or dealing with much colder temps. Sorry, my northern readers. I know that it is much better here, as far as temps go.

Oh -- we had a low-key New Year's Eve party at the clubhouse here. Bring a snack and BYOB. Most were just there for the socializing, and that made it fun. Drinking and no driving. Perfect.

Happy New Year to all. And happy birthday, Dad - I hope you and your siblings are having a fun time up there, playing cards with the other ancestors who proceeded you. That must be one heckuva game - pinochle or cribbage or ?? Love ya.


The Retired One said...

Glad you made it "home" from Minnesota safe and sound...Florida is really getting hit hard with the deep freeze too.
So much for global warming....

jessica said...

Not as bad as the news claims, down here. Not warm, but not as bad as MN or MI. Should warm up in a few days. We are gettin' closer to actually occupying our new home. Yippee!! Have to get a 'fridge and also a mattress/box springs. We are SO ready to have a bit more room. So kind of L's friend to let us stay in this Class C motorhome, but we both agree that it is a miracle that we have kept our relationship intact, in this li'l ol' crackerbox of a place. We are SO ready to have a bit more room!

jj.rd.:( said...

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