Friday, January 8, 2010

Doesn't this frost ya?

Oh, yes.... Florida is experiencing some chilly temps. Supposed to get down into the high 20's (or hopefully low 30's) Saturday and Sunday nights BOTH. We are residing in an RV park, and lots of folks are MANY years older than we are. And this cold weather is hard on them. Lots of propane is being burned, very quickly, as they attempt to keep warm in their RV's and campers. L's friend F works as the maintenance manager here at this RV park and has had many late-night calls as people run out of propane; and one couple blew out the electric circuits because they were running FOUR fairly substantial heaters simultaneously!

So... we are being cautious about propane consumption - we need it in this little motorhome for heating the water and running the heating system. But we have had to top off or refill twice in the last week, and since the cold temps will be around until next week, we may have to do so again.

Yesterday was pretty nippy, and frost was on a lot of windshields. Plus on our bicycle seats! If you enlarge either of these photos, you may be able to see the frosty seats... I chose NOT to ride the bike that morning.


The Retired One said...

Puts a whole new light on the expression: "Now doesn't THAT frost your ass". haaaaaaa.
I hope your cold spell is over FAST.
Good grief, you are in FLORIDA for God's sake.
Oh well, you may have to drive back all the way down to Miami or the keys..they have warmer weather than is almost the only place in the nation spared from this deep freeze!

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