Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lots of visitors!

Very quickly... Since we have moved in here, we have had lots of visitors. First, my sister and her significant other (such a weird term but one that most understand) were here just a few days after we got into our new place. They were here about 2+ days, then back to St. Pete to visit with another friend, and then back here again for another 2+ days. Had fun, L brought R (Sis's guyfriend) golfing one afternoon, Sis and I got to do some gal stuff (including her finding a dress for her daughter's wedding this spring) and it was pretty laid back.

Now we have a WHOLE house FULL of company - L's 2nd-oldest daughter, and her 3 kids (ages 11, 9, and 7) got here a week ago. Two days of driving by L (also her initial), and she was pretty happy to get here. She and I get along very well, so that is a blessing to me. The pull-out sofa has served as a bed for both my sis's visit as well as L's. And then kids on the floor, with sleeping bags. Today, around midday, her husband flew in and the gang went into Crystal Beach, Madeira Beach and so on (Gulf of Mexico side) for the day. Now they are back with us, kids are finished eating mac 'n' cheese and some of us (okay, the guys and a couple of the kids) are watching the US vs Canada hockey game (Olympics). So far, the visit has gone pretty well. The colder temps (for Florida) and some rain has been stressful, since it limits the activities and what the kids can do (for burning energy). But these are Minnesota kids -- so it has amazingly NOT been too cool for them to use the heated pool at our RV park. Many at the RV park have commented about the kids using the pool during the cold weather. Updates later on the remaining visit...

So that's been our life these past few weeks. I am kinda tired (again). No dull times around here! I think I will need to catch up on my sleep after this.

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The Retired One said...

You must be tired after all that company...but you being in Florida means you are Hotel Supreme now!! I have been talking to Kim---and she also said Florida has had an unusually cold winter this year. Amazingly, we have had less snow and a milder winter than usual this year...but of course, STILL plenty of snow! How did you company like Madeira Beach? Did you know Kim won their logo contest and now all the City trucks and tourist stuff will have her logo on them? Even the T-shirts! I am one proud Mama. ha Hope to see you in April when we come to see our new grandbaby being born...!!