Monday, March 2, 2009

What Girl Scout Cookie Are You?

Totally uninspired am I. So... you get a blog quiz:



You are bold and brave. You dare to be different, and you are confident about who you are.
Your fearlessness has paid off. You are extremely well liked and popular.

You are charismatic and charming without even trying to be. People appreciate your unique take on life.
You are willing to take risks, speak your mind, and live life to the fullest.

anyhoo: It's a quick and easy thing to do. Give it a try! Link at What Girl Scout Cookie Are You (just above the cookie photo).


Marci said...

I will take that quiz, but I'm going to guess ahead of time that I'm a thin mint. Cute blog!

Anonymous said...

I love thin mints but as it turns out I'm a peanut butter sandwhich! I love peanut butter too though. This was fun. Thanks for the idea. I went ahead and posted my results on my blog too.

The Retired One said...

For Cripe's Sake: Quiz said I was a Peanut Butter something or another.
I hate PB !! (Hear the drama?) Too funny and a cute blog and quiz.
That new man in your life is bringing you out to another level, you She-Devil you!!!!
We are on the road home (groan)! Near the Alabama border tonight at a hotel.