Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another quiz: What is Your Heart Feeling?

Okay - I have a little bit of stuff to share, but none of it interesting. So I'll start with another quiz. This one is called --

What Is Your Heart Feeling?

My selection gave me this:

Your heart is brimming with passion, intensity, and extreme lust.
You definitely have desire for one particular person, and it seems like nothing can squelch your craving.
You are ready to walk across fire for the one you love.

Deep down, your heart is susceptible to: Distrust and aggression . You're determined to get what you want.

Your current outlook on love: Love equals obsession. Love equals mania. Love equals thirst.

Your love life will improve if you: Follow your passion far, but not so far as to ruin your life.

Watch out for: False feelings. Your emotions are intense, but they could easily mislead you.

WOW! As they said back in my day, "That's heavy!" Hmmm... extreme lust??!!

Okay - back to boring, everyday, mundane stuff.

Leroy (the wonderful painter) is making more progress on the interior painting. He got the upstairs bath FINISHED in one session (bless his heart) and today is starting on the dining room. First, he had to move the big ol' china cabinet - and to refrain the previous wording, "That's heavy (as in WEIGHT)." I do need to unpack it, but the weight is mostly from the cabinet itself.

I will be so happy to start the garage sale. I know the setup will be a major pain, but I am SO ready to see what I can sell. I have already sold (to co-workers) pots and pans, a camel-backed steamer trunk (hand painted by my late mother-in-law) and possibly some towels (college student daughter of a co-worker). Oh, and an older Seal-A-Meal, complete with lots of bags in various sizes.

Some of my neighbors have admired the new lights that have been installed outside my garage, and front door (plus there is one outside the back door, too). They are all dusk-to-dawn, plus when you approach closer to the lights, they flare brightly, as an added protection factor.

The APX Alarm person will come out on Thursday, to de-install the device that is on the back (kitchen) door. Also, I had an alarm failure on the dining room windows last night when I tried to set the alarm for the house. After talking with APX, the tech guy put it on the "to do" list for the person who will be here Thursday.

On Friday, someone from Custom Doors will take my old kitchen door and its rotted frame, out and replace it with the much nicer one that Greg and I had chosen last spring. I can hardly wait to see how it will look!

And, of course, Thursday is set-up, for the Friday and Saturday garage sale. I hope that my girlfriend D can make it here, to help me. If not - I'll take a deep breath and find a way to get some of the heavier stuff carried down the stairs and out into the garage.

I already dragged THIS down the stairs, and it was another HEAVY item. Most difficult of all was getting it into my '97 Honda Accord. But I did it all by myself - all 114 pounds of me. I am Woman, hear me roar.... yeah, I know, I really was NOT that fond of that ol' song, either. Besides, nowadays, someone would associate roaring with me being a "cougar". Nah - not really interested in those really younger men. Unless a very rich one just absolutely fell in love with me and I could NOT dissuade him...

See y'all down the road a piece.


Anonymous said...

I took the quiz and found out I have the swirly open heart. Maybe I need to look into hiring a locksmith and update to the one with the little keyhole or maybe go all the way and get one like your heart of burning passion. That chest you posted looks huge and heavy! Wow!!!

The Retired One said...

We are still on the road in Tennessee tonight, so I will postpone taking the quiz until another day.
How I wish I could be there to help you with your sale...I LOVE them...and I would probably end up buying all your stuff. ha
Take Care of yourself and don't push too hard...you gotta stay healthy for your retirement!!!