Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a brief update

Nothing, really, to tell you. I will be gone for the next week-and-a-half. Hoping I am making the right decision, but going ahead, anyway.

I may or may not provide an explanation, eventually. Sorry to be so circumspect, but some things I just do not feel comfortable in sharing yet. Sigh...

My plane leaves at 8 am tomorrow, which means I'll be hittin' the showers very early and heading out to the small (old) airport, Hobby, which served Houston long before IAH (aka Bush) was on the scene. Southwest flies out of Hobby, and I am glad, because Hobby is SO much closer to my home. And my flight is with Southwest. Betcha had that all figured out by now, dincha?

So wish me luck and I hope to at least enjoy myself, with no thoughts of work or the packing or the painting, et al, that awaits my return.



The Retired One said... now you got me wondering what the heck is going on! Hope you are going where it is still warm (or at least away from all the ice storms that hit the country!) Stay safe, and when you feel like sharing, for goodness your heart out!!

pehpot said...

I hope everything turns out OK.. and do hope that when you are back, you will acceot my award for you..

Take care