Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Miss Nancy regrets to inform you that she is so d_mnedably boring that she cannot.write.about.anything.today. After my Christmas trip to the Great White Cold Country up North, I had way too much fodder to write about, and y'all would have quit reading if I ranted and raved anymore than I did, about those eight.days.with.Mom. And now that I have the distance between us (whew) I feel like a new woman. But incredibly boring.

If anyone finds any energy or get-up-n-go to spare, would you ship it to me? I really REALLY need some. My house will not purge itself of unneeded stuff, and there is no one here to do it for me... but if you do not have any to spare, I certainly understand. I am hoping that this is a post-holiday lull and that I will come back to my senses.

Trying to resume some level of exercise, too. It is too late, too dark to get a walk in when I get home (6:30 or so) and the same is true in the morning before I leave the house (6:20 or so). So that leaves me the NordicTrack ski machine. It is a used one, have had it for years. It is also very boring, so we two are a good match, but it IS a good cardio workout that can help my legs and my arms at the same time. Gotta build up my time on it gradually. How many times have I done this, only to fall off the exercise bandwagon? At least I have given up on that ol' gym routine - I hate waiting in lines to use the equipment stations, and this is NO time of the year to join a gym. Every dog and his puppy are doin' that in January, and the gyms are even more crowded than when I threw in the towel (pun NOT intended) on the last go-around. Liked it when I first joined it and not a lot of people were using it. Foolish, foolish me, thinking that I had this nearly exclusive place to use. If I had my own elliptical to use (in place of the NordicTrack), I might use it more. Or not. I will take ye olde NT with me back to Cold Country, and may upgrade it to an elliptical. I remember when I first tried using the ol' NT - I had never, ever done any cross-country skiing and could not get the hang of the stride plus using the handles that simulate the ski-poling action on x-country skiing. Well, Greg walked in the room while I was visibly frustrated with this poor ol' NT. And being a guy, offered helpful advice. I just shot him THE look (ladies, you know the one I mean) and he did a quick exit. And then I figured it out and I was okay from then on. Sometimes I think that I am part male, because I really do not take instructions well.

So ends my boring post. I'll try to be more interesting next time.


txmomx6 said...

Y-A-W-NNNNNN............. Oh, I'm sorry ... I guess I fell asleep while reading your post.
You, my dear, are never boring! Not get on that machine so you can at least say you tried! And my thought on the ellip machine (which is what keeps me from getting one) .... you will use it. For a month or two, and then it will probably collect dust and hanging clothes. Why do we do that to ourselves?! And think with every new machine .... "Oh, I'm SURE I'll fall in love with and use that one!!".

jessica said...

I know that you ARE right - especially about the new machine being SO much better than (substitute your machine here). I have already climbed back on that NT, and (thanks to Greg) it is in front of a tv. So the time goes pretty quickly. Thanks for the kick in the pants! Yes, the NT has also been a passive coat hanger off and on, too.