Sunday, January 11, 2009

How did you find this blog?

Well, I am occasionally (okay maybe obsessively) glancing at the traffic feed on the far right side of my blogpage. And I am noticing several who are coming in to this point (back in July '07, when I was ranting about a change-his-mind-constantly client when we were doing faux painting). And noticing several Aussies (hi, y'all, from Houston!) and a few others, notedly, someone from Gdansk (my mother's Polish and I am sure she would say hi, too).

This post:

But, what oh what are you searching for (noticing that some came in from Google-ing in their own countries)? That particular post mentions Ralph Lauren (paint, folks - this is not a promo for ol' Ralphie or any of his multitudinous products). Also once a mention of Benjamin Moore (paints, again).

And a paragraph about me doing some serious oversleeping, which is the price you pay when you burn the candle at both ends, as I had been doing back then, between my regular job and this faux crud we were doing. The client that time was a free agent that had just been given a tryout for the Minnesota Vikings (they did not pick him and let him go just before the season). We were amused because he phoned us from training camp - us, with our Minnesota roots, painting for him down here in Houston. Although he did not know the connection at the time.

Or maybe someone was looking for song lyrics? Sorry, if that was your goal.

So if any of you ever read this post and want to let me know what was so all-fired interesting about that one, please let me know.

Gotta run now. My tummy is telling me that it's hungry and I am TRYING to pay attention to it more carefully. Another bagel half is in my immediate future! Panera to the rescue.


Nancy W said...

Hi Jessica. Just wanted to share with you how I came upon your blog. I too tend to watch my feeder and tonight I clicked on a link on my Feedjit and you were one of the blogs it pulled up. Happy New Year.

Ms. Judy said...

I found your blog through your comment on "Somewhere on the Masthead". I saw your comment about being a widow. Me, too. And north of Houston in the Lake area. I lost Gene Sept 26, 2005 -- my sister's birthday. That morning when her phone rang she thought she was getting her annual birthday song, but instead was the news that he'd had a heart attack. 49 forever. No history or family history of heart problems. Quite a shocker. It hurts in that stunned way for a while. Then gets more bearable. Then you can breath again. I invite you to visit my blog and go back to that Sept 2005 time-frame if you'd like to read what it was like for me. I finally quit writing abt my grief because it stressed my family out so much that they couldn't "do anything" for me ... so I just let them off the hook and didn't post it anymore. Still miss him, some days more than others ... some days it still hurts and some days it's just a funny rememberance. There's nothing to be done but to get through it. I'm fortunate that my in-law family still is an active part of my life. It's a connection I didn't want to lose .. and they're terrible about keeping in touch so I feel very fortunate. I buried myself in work for the last three years, now am getting tired of it and hoping to get out and see some of the world again. I finally feel like it again. That first year of "firsts" is tough but come month thirteen ... it gets better!

Mary said...

Hi Jessica,

You probably already know, but I discovered your blog through a comment you made on Widow's Quest awhile back.

I meant to add my suggestion for the boyfriend/significant other debate. I've settled on "sweetheart". Maybe it sounds old-fashioned, but there's no confusing the relationship. There's a certain respect and dignity, too.

Jennie said...

Hello, I just wondered in for the first time tonight. I was sucked in by your title. I still have all of the hard back nancy drew books from when I was little. lol

jessica said...

Thank you all for your comments. Note to Jenny: I have old Nancy Drew books, too, and I guess some of them have a bit of value. (from the 1930's and 40's) Probably not that much. Ms. Judy, I think that our author of Somewhere on the Masthead, got a raw deal. Unfortunately, there's a lot of that going around. Mary, thank you as always for your comments. My sis seems okay with "her guy" as the reference to a man-friend of his age. Nancy W - hmmm.. I assume someone left your blog for mine or vice versa. I did look at it, but could not recall ever visiting it.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Carol's blog at, Poor Widow Me. I'm also a widow. When I was growing up I always loved to read Nancy Drew so I had to click on your link when I saw that.

My blogs are and

The joy one is new. I thought I should make something to help look on the bright side of life. :)