Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm b-a-a-a-c-k!

Nancy is back. From Florida. Badly timed visit, weather-wise. Colder 'n a grave-digger's arse, folks. Two mornings where the temp hovered at 35 degrees. Brrrrrr.

Anyway, she came back with a positive frame of mind that she hopes will continue. Time, indeed, will tell.

While there, she fell.off.a.bike. Yes, her did. I will post a photo to attest to my bruises and owwwees. By the way, this happened at the very end of a much-longer bike ride than I had been on, for ages. I was congratulating myself (silently, of course) on how well I had done. And then, on perfectly FLAT ground, while rounding a small curve on the driving area, I leaned a leeettle bit too far. And found that flesh gives and asphalt does not. The photo shows my healing body over one week after my fall. It was suggested that maybe I should wear a biking helmet - but I did NOT hit my head. Maybe kneepads would have been more appropriate, although most don't wear those unless they roller skate. Sometimes you just cannot protect a person from their own stupidity/clumsiness.

The other photo shows the t-shirt that I wore back from St. Pete. Three women were working at the checked-baggage counter for Southwest, and the first one who saw the shirt HAD to get the other two to see it, before I left there. So I was glad that I had worn it. It seemed an appropriate shirt to wear back to Texas. (If you cannot read it, it says: Forget the bull. Ride the cowboy. Some folks don't like Southwest, because they have the cattle-car boarding procedure. It has never bothered me, as long as I can get in with the first boarding group (or second one, in a pinch). And I so appreciate that Southwest has not decided to charge you for checking one bag (yet). It was a godsend, because the Florida weather this year was so changeable that I had to pack for two climates, in effect.

I had expected a jam-packed plane going into Tampa. But about one-third of the seats were empty - and this was the Thursday before the Super Bowl, y'all. Maybe a reflection of the economy? And the returning flight was about one-quarter empty, also. Although I (and most of the rest of the passengers, from what I could see or hear of their reactions) would GLADLY have left behind the parent with the shrieking child. Kid was screaming - not in pain, at all. Before boarding, I had been talking with a woman who was returning to Houston to see her grandkids, after being in Florida caring for her aging parents. She was looking forward to this. And after hours of putting up with the screaming - directly across the aisle from her, and one row behind me - I heard her say, "I do NOT want to even see my grandkids after this." Although I did see her at baggage claim, with her grandkids, later on. But when she made that remark, I knew that the shrieking had gotten to her, as well.

So, back at work and NOT liking it. Certainly hope that my house sells quickly and at a fair price, once it is painted and ready for outside eyes to see. Please, God, help me to force myself to pack, pack, pack - or to sell, sell, sell - or to throw or donate stuff as I see fit. I am already downsizing (in my mind) so that I will not have to move a lot of stuff. Anyone want a custom-designed china cabinet? Check the Houston Craigs List shortly (after I take and post photos of that item).

Gotta run. Bye for now!


The Retired One said...

Loved the shirt...and the song (Save the horse, ride the cowboy). Glad you got back without killing the screaming kid. We had the same thing happen when we flew back from Punta Cana in January. The kid was about 4 and his parents were Russian and oblivious to his tantrums. I regretted not loading up on Marqueritas in Punta before we boarded! (I will LEARN!) Glad you are back blogging,always love to read you!

txmomx6 said...

Glad you're back!
Re: bike injuries ...... when you do something, you DO it big, don't you???!!!!!

The Retired One said...

You have been Blogger Tagged by me in my blog.
Happy Valentine's Day!

CINDY said...

I just wanted to say Hi. Saw a comment of yours on a mutual Widow's blog. I am slowly finding that there are alot of us "young widows" that are not excepting widowhood gracefully. :^D