Friday, February 20, 2009

Bag tag (thanks, cuz!)

Well, I will be putting this together over at least two days. The primary reason being: that I stupidly waited until 9:54 pm to begin this post, so I know there is NO way that I will assemble the arsenal needed for this one (download a coupla photos, inventory the handbag, etc.). But I hope this will remind me tomorrow (Saturday, the 21st) that I have an unfinished task. Of course, I will only be reminded if I do log on to the blog. Okay... I am blurring the goal here.

My fellow blogger and cousin, who writes The Retirement Chronicles (another reason that she is NOT in my good graces, having had the audacity to retire AHEAD of me), tagged me (and others) with this one.

According to her, the rules are:

1. Take a picture of the purse you are presently using. NO cannot take a purse that is spiffy and cute that you keep on your shelf and use for only special occassions..OH NO. You must be honest and take a photo of the one you are using everyday, right now.

2. You must post the picture of your purse and tell us how much it cost, and where you got it and a little about it.

3. (HER added rule): You must also tell us a list of EXACTLY what is inside your purse at this very moment. DO NOT lie, and you MUST list EVERYTHING, no matter NOW embarrassing.

4. Tag another 6 of your favorite bloggers to do the same and list them on your blog. Then notify them they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

That's it.

So... back to my handbag -

It's a brand called Fossil (heh heh - no comments from younger readers!). I bought it because it is leather, will (hopefully) last a while, has TONS of zippers and pockets and so on, and although it was originally pricey, I seem to remember getting a $70 bag for considerably less. It's about 10" long, and about 6.5" high. At it's widest (overstuffed) point, it is about 7" max. Yes, I HAVE had it for awhile now, and it looks a bit weathered, etc., but. So maybe I was right on that "last a while" speculation?

The inventory: clip-on sunglasses; four keys on a key-ring; an Obama-Ladin inaugura- tion key ring (not connected to the keys); several kleenexes; a pen and a mechanical pencil; business cards - from the Faux by Two business and from the Port of Houston; business cards with friends' names/cell #'s/e-mail addresses written on them; a glass "forever" nail file; a (wrapped) chocolate mint from the Olive Garden; $59 in paper money; lotsa change; a gift certificate to Walmart; checkbook; small address book; five lipsticks/lipglosses!; small container of hand lotion; wallet with credit cards, car and health insurance cards, drivers license, Sams Club card; small notepad; small tin of mints; packet of rice paper (oil-absorbing); mirror with pressed powder (okay - I have oily skin!); vinyl packet with optical cloth; wrapped pantyliner; Hallmark pocket calendar - keep track of birthdays!; two pill bottles: one with advil and tylenol and vitamins - the other with prescription drugs (I take 7 scrips a day) and various crumpled notes and receipts. OOPS! Nearly forgot that lovely Viking-purple cell phone hanging off the handle there. I think (fully loaded) the bag weighs about 5 pounds. Years from now, archeologists will find our skeletons, with the females often having a groove on their left (or right) shoulder bone (aka clavicle). I wonder what they will attribute this to?

And other bloggers to tag with this? Hmmm.... will also address this tomorrow. So there you have it: lots of promises (tomorrow never comes?) that I will have to fulfill.

Time to back-pedal to the living room, catch the weather, and the Tonight Show. Catch ya'll later, when I flesh out this post tomorrow. 'Nite!

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Anonymous said...

That is a great bag! Last year I saw some Fossil bags in a shop on a cruise I went on. They were spendy. I don't remember how much they were now. I almost bought one and didn't. I bought a Fossil wallet instead. It is a light tan and has pretty flowers on it. If I ever see the matching bag again, I'm going to buy it! :-)