Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reality lurks around the corner

Well, I am back at my humble abode, unpacked, looking at the bills that arrived while I was gone.

My mother aside (FAR aside), this was a good visit. Saw only a small handful of friends and family, and I was liking most of the situations. Had Christmas Eve at my sis's - only she and her boyfriend (still not liking that "boyfriend" phrase, but...), her daughter and mom and me. Had pizza for our holiday meal! It was actually good stuff - a regional chain makes these take-and-bake ones, and the ingredients are fresh and the crust is freshly-made. Just gotta bake 'em.

I don't know how much y'all can take, of me carping on my time in my old "hometown". You know, I only lived there from ages 9 until 18. I lived in the Mpls. area about 18 years or so, and will mark my 24th year in Houston on New Year's Eve. So just what criteria qualifies someplace as your "hometown"?

Mom made this a very difficult time - much more than when I was there in July. I just don't know why she is acting like this. Harp, harp, harp. Criticized my driving a LOT, and I never sped while she was with me. Makes me wonder how I have been able to drive myself to and from work in heavy Houston traffic, all these years!

Anyway, I guess I just need to move on to some more fun things to describe. Tomorrow, I'll explain how much trouble I have, dressing myself.

'Bye for the evening.


txmomx6 said...

Ahhhhhh, family.
I'm glad you're back safe and sound.
Be careful when you eat breakfast tomorrow ..... don't want you choking or anything because you ate too fast or didn't chew enough times.

jessica said...

J - or should I say, "Mom"? Thanks for the admonishment - I've been missing those comments these last few days!

I felt bad that I wasn't able to access a pc very frequently and give you some support during your most critical days. I know that that will be a bad time for me, too. ** Hugs ** to you!