Monday, December 29, 2008

Bidding goodbye to Cold Country

Well, I am nearing the end of my visit back to Cold Country, and damn.... I don't know how my Texas-acclimated body will adjust to living in this weather again. I think I may be a winter Texan - A LOT. I'll spend time up here in the spring/summer/early fall, then go back to warmer climates, returning only for a courtesy visit over the holidays.

Lots of fodder for the blog. Not a lot of it pertaining to "warm and fuzzy" stuff. I do envy those of you who have a great relationship with your mothers. Me, not so much. I can only say that I stayed with her 8 days (and nights) and it was a very stressful time. Much easier to chat with her by telephone than to be up close and personal, if you get my drift. My dear mother is 81 and keeps saying that she's gonna live until 104 (one of her grandfathers was that age when he died). And my sister confided in me - "I can't take 23 more years of this." Somehow, my mother has turned into this carping, complaining, critical old lady. Very judgemental - VERY - and of course, freely shares these judgements with me, my sis, whoever.

On the plus side - I did talk her into a humidifier (her apt. is like Death Valley, for humidity), a floor lamp, and a new box springs and mattress (which I told her I would pay for). Re: mattress -- my back was KILLING me after many days on that thing. Neither my sis nor I can recall it ever being replaced - AND I slept on the side of the bed which my much-heavier father slept on for lo, those many years. So... she assures me that she'll buy a new set today (Monday). I think she is afraid that I will not visit her again if she keeps the old one - and she is correct.

I am typing this on my brother-in-law's desktop in his basement and it is COLD in here. My Reynaud's syndrome is about ready to shut down my fingers (they get white and numb in the cold weather). So I'll cut this off and let you all know that yes, Virginia, I DID have a white (and COLD) Christmas this year. Lovely to look at, nasty to shiver in...


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