Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick update

Hi, all!

Up here in the Great White North Country. Freezing my ta-ta's off, although, by Minnesota standards this is quite reasonable. It's 13 above zero - yes, that IS below freezing. But hey! Above zero is okay, in this part of the country at this time of year. Back in Texas, if this was the weather, we would probably be shutting the entire state down!

Definitely having a white Christmas - ground is frozen and fresh snow has been falling fairly frequently, just dusting off the earlier accumulations. It gives the snow a fresh, clean look.

Having to get used to driving in this stuff again... I am probably more timid than I would have been years ago. Got a 4-wheel-drive vehicle at Hertz, and I could not have been happier about that. Uses more petrol - but that's a sacrifice that I am willing to make (for my safety - but more importantly, for the safety of the other innocents who are driving alongside me!).

Anyway, just wanted to say that I am here, not liking the cold, but toughing it out. We may get some nasty weather and that may impact tomorrow's (Sunday's) plans. If it gets as nasty as the weather folks are hinting at, we will NOT be going to Duluth to gather with my cousins. And I will definitely NOT be driving to the Cities (Minneapolis-St.Paul, to you outsiders)later that same day.

Low-key days, unusual for this working stiff, but I think I can adjust. Hopefully, I won't go stir-crazy. Trying to keep occupied with my mom - we have a jigsaw puzzle to take up some of the time.

Gotta go shopping for some boots to replace this pair that I am wearing. The sole is separating from the main part of the boot! I have had the pair (which look like new) for many years - and of course, the boots haven't had much wear over the years. So I'll have to replace 'em. Wish me luck on finding some...

I'll try to post later. Not having easy access to a pc can be a killer!

-- Merry Christmas, if I don't post before then!

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