Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home now...

Briefly (because I am not up to par and energy's lagging)...

Yes, I am back home. Surgery went well (as far as I know). Recovery was another story. My body apparently was enamored with the anesthesia and didn't want to emerge from that little slumber. And even then, once the intubation tube was removed, I slipped below the normal blood pressure range. I was flooded with additional fluid to help my heart have some volume to pump and thus keep my bp up. I was in recovery longer than I was in surgery, over 4 hours. My sis and her guy R were finally allowed in to see me and tell me that I was virtually unrecognizable. My face was very puffy, including my eyes, and they had to assume that I was who the staff claimed I was. I think that was about 9:30 pm. They wheeled me down the hall to surgery about 2:20.

Sis tells me that the staff kept them very well informed. And the surgeon chatted with them about 20 minutes, as I was being prepped after surgery to head for recovery.

The release time was probably less than 24 hrs following surgery, and we stopped at the hospital pharmacy for meds and then homeward bound.

I stayed at my sis's (actually at her guy's place, where she resides) until late this morning, when I asked them to bring me back to my place. So here I am. Low energy, low appetite.

Have pulled myself off the prescription painkillers, as I am suffering the extreme constipation that is a known side effect. Ugh. Not fun. But the pain is NOT taken care of by the acetaminophen (tylenol) arthritis strength. I may give in and take a narcotic to allow myself a better night, sleep wise.

I am very, VERY bruised and swollen and tender. Swollen beyond my expectations. My "loose" pajama bottoms are NOT loose. Hoping this resolves itself fairly quickly. I will have to go out in public in pj bottoms, something that I am NOT looking forward to. I want my body back!

Okay. Energy's waning, so that's it for now. Hope to catch y'all up in a few days.


Kim said...

I'm glad you updated, I've been thinking about you. *gentle hugs* I hope the swelling goes down soon for you and you don't have to wear your pj's in public!!

IN LAWS said...

So glad you are home, guess the state you are in could be expected and you WILL IMPROVE. Thinking of you and praying for you. Think happy thoughts my friend. Hugs from your friend in Canada

jade89 said...

Great blog here i like all the information thats being shared, congratulations.

jessica said...

@Kim - thank you for your continued support. I was so relieved when my poor, sore tummy could tolerate a light elastic or cinced waist! The sweats don't look too bad, wearing them in public.

@IN LAWS (aka, Anne) - thanks for keeping up with me, when you and your family are going through your own stress and worries. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs back to ya!

@jade89 - Had to look at YOUR blog, in order to see what info you were mentioning ("being shared"). Any way that I can support someone else who has to have a valve replacement, I am happy to do. Same thing about widowhood. Not fun things to go through, but facts of life, nonetheless.