Saturday, May 26, 2007

Getting sick and wasting time

Aaarrrgh! I hate being or getting sick. It wastes so much time. And I especially hate it when it happens over a long holiday weekend. I feel screwed, screwed out of the time, of the healthy down-time, out of my personal myself time.

I'm dealing with one of those mysterious bugs that we all get from time to time. Don't know if I can "blame" my carpooler for this one or not. I do know that one of his kids was sick last week, and then he got sick, too. I think he thought it was allergies, but he didn't sound like he does when his allergies really bother him. So I'll nominate him as the likely culprit - but the truth is, this kind of stuff can just develop in your own system. Of course, by the time it was starting, I did not have symptoms that a doc would use, to give you a prescription. So what can I do?

Woke up on Friday feeling absolutely shitty - so I phoned work about 6 am and left a voice mail for my boss. I am sure that he was not surprised, because he had heard my voice taking a steady downturn during the day on Thursday. Wednesday night I went digging around the medicine cabinet to see if we had anything that I could use. Annnndd... I found a good-sized bottle of amoxycillin that was left over from some oral procedure (tooth pulled?) that Drummer had, back in January or so. I've been taking them since that night, and I think it is having a positive affect on my bug. Seems to be helping a bit, so I'll keep taking it.

I had some half-assed plans on getting something done over the several days off that I would enjoy. But those plans were set aside, obviously. But I'm feeling a bit better, so here's hoping that this weekend won't be a complete washout. Speaking of washout - seeing the downpour this afternoon, we changed our plans and did our crockpot meal today. Good thing that we had a meal planned for that! The prediction was 30% rain chance for each day (and in Houston, that is a pretty common forecast that we don't usually pay attention to), but then it kicked up to 50% for Monday. We have two more meals planned for the barbecue - if tomorrow works out so that we can barbecue, maybe we should just go ahead and cook both meals (chicken and brats). Then if Monday goes to hell, we can just reheat the brats.

We were so bummed when we moved to Houston back in 1985 and there were NO Johnsonville brats sold here. Eventually, after several years, someone started carrying them, and now you can find them all over. Plus, there are some good Czech and German sausage companies here in Texas that do a fine job, too.

I'm continuing this on the 29th, although I do find that the date of the original draft is the one which is associated with it. Got a doctor appointment for tomorrow, so not sure what I should do. Guess I'll take a half-day off and show up after lunch.

Forgot that another coworker was sick last week and carried it into today, too. So maybe he was the source of the elusive "bug"? Poor guy came draggin' in, and after attending a weekly status meeting, he pulled his laptop out and went home. Does that mean that women are stronger?? 'Cause I'm here at work, and he is not. In fact, he was also out sick last week - but on Thursday and Friday.

Sinus infections seem to be an almost annual thing with me. I was congratulating myself on getting thru this spring without one - and pow! so much for good health. I get "doctored" out after awhile. Have to see that damned cardiologist at least once a year. He is very good, but I just don't have a "warm fuzzy" about him. Wicked sense of humor, though. After dealing with him, it takes me a while to approach another doctor, another exam. The guy is autocratic.

Speaking of exams - I just love to listen to some guy complain about having a doc examine his prostate. Puh-leeease - try having a whole hand shoved up inside you. That's what women go thru, with "their" special exam. And some complete stranger then rubs his/her hands all over your boobs, because God knows, they are so-o-o-o much more familiar than you are, with what your boobs should feel like. Like I can't feel if I have a "mass" or lump in there?? And then to add insult to injury, they schedule you for the annual boob-smashing. Every woman alive knows that a man came up with this idea. If it's such a great idea, let's put guys' balls on a similar device and have at it. Women would be lining up to train for this, and I'll bet lots of 'em would volunteer to do it, free of charge.

I really do not hate men. Just venting a bit. Hope that whatever this doc gives me, will finally start to make me feel better. Come on... another weekend is just days away!

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