Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dreamt of Dad

I was kind of surprised when I woke up Monday morning and realized that I had dreamt of my dad, who has been dead for about 3 years. I think he was only in one other dream I have had, since his death. There was nothing unusual to this dream (which I don't recall in much detail). I believe I had encountered some kind of problem, and there he was, offering some support or solution (I should have written this down when I woke up - dreams fade so quickly in detail). He looked good (more like his appearance in his 40's or so) and seemed happy, and I don't recall that I even addressed the fact that he was no longer walking this earth. It was nice to see him, and I think he called me "Pal" - his name for both Amy and me. He was in this dream very briefly. I do remember that I was not at all startled by encountering him - it just seemed like an everyday occasion.

Most of my dreams are do not stay with me, by the time I awaken. I do have a couple that I recall in some detail, due to the unusual message they seemed to deliver. Both of these dreams seemed to indicate (to me) a past life experience. I know that many do not believe in past lives, and if you are one of those, then continue reading at your own risk.

Both of these dreams had to do with my death(s), in very different circumstances - and which I hope not to re-visit with this body! (Not avoiding death - but avoiding violent death...) In one dream I am dashing down what appears to be a hallway or passageway, and someone shoots at me. I felt the bullet go into my mouth and awoke suddenly to a metallic taste in my mouth. So that would indicate a death in a time when firearms were around. I do not know if I was male or female, but somehow I felt that I was a man in that life. The other past life dream places me with my sister (and I do not mean my current, very much alive sister). We are being surrounded by a crowd, and it is obviously the crowd's intent to beat us to death. I don't recall any weapons (stones, maybe? sticks?), and this one might be from anytime in history, up to the recent times. I don't have a strong feeling on my gender in this and cannot recall seeing my hands or anything similar, that might give me a clue.

But these dreams seemed like hints of past lives - and don't ask me why. It was just a feeling that I had. I have read others' opinions on past lives. Some feel that you keep coming back until you "get it right".

I have such easy familarity with the music of the 1940's - above and beyond the exposure to the music of my parents' youth - and I think I may have been alive during that time. In that case, I must have died fairly young and then made a quick return to another life, since I was born in 1948! For some time, I had a strong feeling that my most prior life was lived as a male. I harken back to the "tomboy" activities that I was drawn to - building forts, playing with cars, riding bikes - and I only had one doll that I enjoyed - and that was only because it was a costume doll and it was interesting to have different outfits for it. My sister loved playing with baby dolls, and yet I never had those little girl dreams of marrying and having children. I mean, I love the nephews and niece that we have between us. Just never wanted kids of my own.

And going along with that gender identity - I never thought that I would not work, either. Always expected to have a job for many years. Which turned out to be several jobs, for many years. But that was through my own choice, fortunately. Never been fired and now looking to retire in 3 years - yahooooo!!

As usual - this is rambling and that means it needs to END! Later...

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