Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a lazy blogger...

Not much to update, healthwise.

Had CT scans last week on the 15th. This is in preparation for the radiation treatments. The good news is that NOTHING unusual or unexpected showed up in those. So now what DO they target? Apparently this is a preventative round, zapping those areas where cancer WAS found - the now-missing uterus and its small relative, the now-removed lymph node which was positive. According to the doc and to the literature, I will pay a pretty big price for this preventative therapy - at least temporary bladder and bowel problems, and some PERMANENT damage to my vagina. Which I must admit, works VERY well now. I am sure that you will suffer thru my rants when these side effects become obvious and (I am told) painful.

I messaged back-and-forth on FB with a friend who went thru radiation a few years ago, after surgery to remove cancer from his oral cavity and jaw (and no, he NEVER smoked nor chewed tobacco). I mentioned the good results of the CT scans and mused whether I should/would go forward with the radiation. His response was basically that this was a tough call. After his surgery, his docs as well as this same radiation oncologist, advised him that his chances of going WITHOUT radiation and being cancer-free were in the 80 - 90% range. And then, 4 weeks after his surgery, he was diagnosed with a recurrence of that cancer. At which point, he said, radiation was no longer an option.

So I am going forward with the "plan" which will probably, from what I am told, bring my sex life to a screeching halt around the 3-week mark of treatments. Something to look forward to, eh? I hope to recover from the scarring (apparently this is a given) enough to resume some decent lovin'. Will be a painful process to get there.

On a positive note: made it to Florida, to the RV park, for about two weeks. Headed out on the road the day after chemo #3, which was on Jan. 25th. Took our time getting to that RV park, arriving on the afternoon of the 28th. And so, SO enjoyed the warm weather, mostly days in the 70's and 80's. Ahhh... sunshine SO improves the attitude. It was nice to see so many of the Florida bunch, and we enjoyed socializing with many. Then, we reluctantly headed back Feb.11th, arriving the 13th.

Had a nice, extended lunch/chatfest with 3 high school galpals on Valentine's Day. That's ONE way to assure that we get a meal out, on that sweethearts day! Was fun to reconnect with that bunch.

Northern MN, which had pretty much been snow-free and BROWN, decided to emulate winter weather, dumping a few inches of snow on us. Temps are still not TOO bad, hanging in the mid-30's today. Long-range forecast is for a FEW chilly days in the low 20's and teens for highs, but I am thankful that it has NOT been any worse. Hope I can suffer thru the last dregs of winter weather ok. I will have to be driving in the next several weeks (5 weeks of radiation), so I hope to dodge the weather bullet.

Update complete! Catch up with you later.

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The Retired One said...

I haven't read any blogs for over a year...including yours but took the time today to follow your journey by reading your several months of reports on your cancer journey. Wow, Jess...all I can say is that I so admire your openess and your honesty of this awful challenge. I love that you tell your readers what NOT to say to a cancer patient in frank words. You are so right that you can never know what a person goes through and to try and say some of those things to them is just ridiculous. Just know that people say them because they have no idea what to say and they stumble through out of love and concern for you (even though it may sound idiotic). Know there are a ton of people out there who love you and are praying for you, including me. I wish I lived closer so I could be with you during chemo and radiation treatments and to be a shoulder for you to cry on. I hope the time goes swiftly so that you can get all the chemo and radiation treatments done and get on the path of a more "normal" life soon. I know that all cancer patients say that cancer changes you forever, and I have to believe that to be true. You will always be a cancer "survivor"....I prefer to call you a cancer warrior, because that is what you are....bravely fighting, always fighting--for life. You are a hero as are all cancer patients and you have my love and respect.