Friday, August 6, 2010

More sunset pix

A few days ago, we had had a bunch of rain. And that probably helped set the scene for these rather pretty sunset pix. I am only showing a few, and again I wish I had a better camera. Oh, well.

These are displayed in the order taken (some other not-so-good pix I just did not show!). I have been told that the difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer, is that the good one just does not share his/her crummy pix with others.

And the grand finale - the wonderful cloud formations made this a spectacular sunset to snap. I went inside TWICE, but as the colors deepened, I just had to return for a few more pix. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I like the peachy tones.

Unobserved said...

Wow...beautiful pictures :)