Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Contacting the satellite tv carrier

And so...

L wanted to see what channels he could see on DirectTV. Since he was the one who WANTED some sports stuff (read: hockey) I told HIM to make the phone call. Which he did. And of course that meant going thru all the crap that these types of calls entail: press 1 for whatever, press 4 for whatsis, etc. He kept saying "representative" or some similar phrase, and then FINALLY hooked up with a real LIVE person. Which was female and had a heckuva accent (according to him, white guy raised in a white-person region). Long story short, after plowing thru Q and A between L and said rep, he was FINALLY transferred to another person.

This was a guy (ethnic background unknown) that apparently met with L's criteria, as far as being an English-speaking person without a discernable accent. And so they were doing ANOTHER Q and A, including one Q to which L replied, "I'm in love with her!" in a slightly raised tone of voice. And I started laughing, because I KNEW what the question was -- and apparently the guy on the other end of the line also began to laugh.

Once they had plowed thru the issues (and L was certain that he had his answers, although they may not have been to his liking), he hung up. And told me what I already knew -- the question was, "What is your relationship to the account holder?" and in guy-fashion, L decided that what he really SHOULD have replied was, "Sexual".

Yeah, there really are NO men -- only older boys. IMHO.

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