Friday, August 14, 2009

Another quickie update!

So here I am in the Holiday Inn Express in the general Kansas City area. And what is going on? I am sitting on a pc in the office area of this hotel, chatting with a young man who is manning the desk. And he and I are "clicking", and I am so glad to meet a complete stranger (the age of one of my nephews) and find that we have some things in common. He is a descendant of Quannah Parker (Texas natives will know about this) and I found that out just by asking him about his mother's ancestry (she has the high cheekbones and just general appearance of a woman of Native American ancestry). He had shared his MySpace pages with me, and I saw some great photos of him and his family.

Anyway, I have had a long day (we hit the road from Houston about 12:40 AM - just after midnight, folks) and it has a been a long, testy day. We checked into this room about 5 pm or so, and then went to dinner. Needless to say, tempers and patience are short. And so He is asleep upstairs (my Yahoo partner) and I walked to a nearby liquor shop and bought a bottle of wine... and have been chatting with my new friend, M, here. So nice to meet new people and just be able to chat so easily. I feel like I have known M for a long time, and he is the age of one of my nephews. He's a nice guy, very much a people person... and in EVERY sense of the word.

So I have been slightly anesthesized by one glass of wine (following a dinner that happened in TOTAL silence) and now am enjoying human (humane?) company, while the man in my life has dropped into an exhausted slumber. He has worked very VERY hard at getting my possessions packed up and ready to travel. But he is as bullheaded and stubborn as I am - and we butt heads from time to time. Sigh....

No perfect matches, and we are still trying to meld our styles... tough, and difficult to do when you are so used to the way your prior relationship played out. Guess time will tell (doesn't it ALWAYS?).

Good to report that the closing on the house went well. And so I will wrap up this quick entry and sign off... Now I only hope that most of the stuff gets up north okay and that I can sort thru and throw out things in a timely manner. Hard to box up your whole life in only a few days - but I know that even more down-sizing is necessary. Just not easy to do.

Wish me well, folks... the older I (we) get, the more stubborn we become!


The Retired One said...

Packing and moving is one of the most stressful times and will test the patience of any couple! (that and doing a remodeling project together, ha).
Hang in there.
Hopefully, since he was willing to come with you and help so much, he must care about you...a lot.
But the silence and bullheadedness would get to me, too. You spend too much time in life trying to please others...about time to have complete support for YOU, with love and kindness. After all, this is a rough time for you, completely changing your life...and a time when you need the love and complete support of a partner. He needs to be your "safe" place to fall, now more than ever.
So, time will tell with your relationship.
If he can't be your soft place to fall now, when you need him most, it may be a sign that he is not to be your lifetime partner.
I will hope the best for you, whatever way it progresses.
You'll be in my thoughts!~

Anonymous said...

I agree with Retired One... I would love to see you with someone who will spoil you with love and kindness... I also wish you all the best with everything. Please keep in touch... L