Monday, July 6, 2009

Moving FAST!

Well,my dears... just a brief update.

It appears that my house is SOLD -- and to the very first buyer(s) who looked at it! Of course, it would have been nice to get more money than I settled for. But the object was to get it sold. So I am overwhelmed... things are movin' a bit faster than I had counted on.

Tentative plans are to fly back to Houston, rent a car, get the house packed up (rent a truck) and then drive back to MN. As I said... TENTATIVE plans. I guess the house closing is around mid-August. I did kid around hoping that my house sells so fast, that I get whiplash. Well... be careful what you wish for!

Details are forthcoming -- sorry to be so long in between posts, but I was so busy getting my house ready for showing and trying to figure out what I would need to bring with me to MN, that I hardly had time for anything else.

Here I go... another chapter in my life.


The Retired One said...

Congrats! It is wonderful news, despite the rush and the work it will involve.
A new chapter in your life.
I like that......

Ramblin Mama said...

Yeah!! On to a new life!! I'll lift a glass in a toast to you tonight! Good luck on your new start and we look forward to hearing from you whenever you get to post.