Saturday, April 18, 2009

And it happens to me...

So, this weekend was supposed to be a good one for me. I took the week off (vacation) to concentrate on tasks that needed to get done. My friends from the Hill Country, D & T, drove into town Wed. night to help me pack up some things to put into storage, plus offer the use of their Expedition to haul stuff to the storage unit and to Goodwill and a resale shop, too. We visited on Thursday for a bit, went to work on packing stuff, and the hubby, T, attacked my desktop computer. He didn't like the various things that had self-loaded and was determined to clean it up.

Well, the upshot of all of that was that, in the middle of all of this, the motherboard crapped out. Fried, fizzled, what-have-you. Now, I had intended to move to a notebook (or laptop) after I moved to MN. Instead, this forced the issue. But it took valuable time away from the packing- and boxing-up that D & I were going to do.

And now I am the proud-but-impoverished (well not really) owner of a new notebook. It's an HP dv6-1030us model. Doesn't mean a damned thing to me, but hey, I can still connect with the rest of the world! I can use the internet again - woo-woo!

My girlfriend, D, is SO good at kicking ass - and she pushed me and pushed me and we really DID get quite a bit accomplished, for packing and clearing. One room upstairs is entirely cleaned out!

Good news and bad, about the folks who have been or are scheduled to work on this house. The painter finally phoned. His father took ill, and while he was at his dad's, his dad's brother died. Unfortunately, the painter left his cell phone at his workplace, in his haste to get to his dad. He was back here on Wed to do some additional touch-up. And nice guy that he is, he offered to take my fertilizer (really, it's a weed-and-feed) and spread it around my lawn. Rain was forecast, so the timing was good.

A guy was scheduled to come to my house today and give me an estimate on having the carpet stretched in a few rooms, plus doing carpet repair in the room that was just cleared out. But... a few minutes after 8 am, the carpet company phoned, apologized, and said that this fellow's child was sick. So would I mind re-scheduling for next weekend? I'm sure that this was just an unfortunate thing that happened, so we'll see if he can make it next Saturday.

We thought it would rain yesterday - it looked threatening most of the day - and it finally did rain towards evening. Nothing heavy - sort of a good soaker rain. But today, the clouds just opened up. Water was running like a small creek in the depressions that were designed into our landscapes, between my neighbors' houses (on both sides of me) and my yard. D & T were heading back to their home, and it was raining fairly well when they packed up and left. But I talked to them, and they were just taking it slow. And had finally been able to put their wiper blades on intermittent! I have driven in Houston using the highest speed on the blades, and it has STILL not been enough. For a period of time this afternoon, the water was lapping at the curb-high levels on my street, as it was raining too fast for the ground to absorb it all.


Ramblin Mama said...

I'm reading this on Sunday night. Hope you and your friends all survived that horrendous water flow you had there yesterday. I hope things begin to flow a little more smoothly for you in this moving process and getting the house ready. I anticipate us doing this about a year or so down the road and read the thoguht. (Although at this point, that is just a "plan.") Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I am back to posting some. Notebooks are a lot easier to travel with. :-)

jessica said...

Ramblin Mama - Yes, we survived the rain and it was enough to (temporarily) push us OUT of what had been a drought! I REALLY know what you mean about dreading the thought of moving. Ugly, ugly business!

~ L ~ I will check your blog out. It was good to hear from you, by the way. Bah! Men! Looking forward to traveling with my notebook.

The Retired One said...

I was wondering about "the rest of the story" (Like the late Paul Harvey said) with your disappearing painter!
Congrats on the notebook..woohoo...I love having a laptop...I can sit anywhere in the house and still use it...I watch tv at the same time is terrific!
Sounds like your house plans are zooming along!
Jim is picking me up on Friday morning and just the two of us are traveling downstate to his daughter's bridal shower...Peg is already down there. Will be fun to travel with my big bro and get to visit,just the two of us!

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