Monday, March 3, 2008


Drummer's father died Sunday evening. It was sudden, it was unexpected, it was all those things that people say. We had expected Dad to go on and on for years, slipping deeper into Alzheimer's. God had other plans.

Drummer was able to be there - a flight he had booked weeks ago - but by the time he arrived, his father was not conscious for those few hours. His dad's wife, supportive until the end, had not wanted to worry Dad's sons, so had not told them of his hospitalization, which quickly turned into pneumonia, lung problems, labored breathing, lack of consciousness and finally death.

Drummer was steeling himself for his father's declined condition... and instead saw his father's final struggle with life. I will probably not be blogging much for these next several days, as I'll be looking for a flight to Phoenix. Plans are up in the air for scheduling funeral services and so on.

I am at home, even as I write this. I had selfishly looked forward to having time to myself while Drummer was in Phoenix. That will have to wait until some other time. Family needs take precedent now.


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