Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall down, go BOOM!

I fell Saturday morning. No, seriously - I REALLY fell. As in, broke my little finger on my left hand, 6 stitches on my chin - type of fall.

Saturday was one of those rare days in Houston, beautiful, low temps (maybe in the 80's) and that nice LOW humidity that we don't get very frequently here in the Gulf area. So I went for a walk. Being the cautious sort, I looked over my shoulder for oncoming traffic before crossing the street. Bad move on my part. I tripped where one slab of the sidewalk has heaved itself out of horizontal alignment with its brothers and sisters. I went in one direction and my glasses went flying off my face in the other. I picked myself up, then noticed that my baby finger had a 90-degree bent to right. Damn! A trip to the emergency room, I just knew it. I was less than a block from home, so I headed back to the front door. I thought I had broken my finger, and as I stood on the front porch ringing the doorbell, I cupped my hand under my chin, which had started to bleed - see my t-shirt and capris, if you need confirmation of that.

Poor Drummer! He was flustered but controlled enough that he took 2 very wise actions: he told me take my wedding ring off before that finger swelled, too - and he grabbed a hand towel and filled it with ice, handing it to me to place under the paper towels which I'd grabbed to catch the blood under my chin. Then we got in the car and headed for the nearest hospital. About 20 minutes later, we arrived at the emergency room. Filled in the paperwork, signed 'em. About 30 minutes after arrival, they showed us into a room where a very nice p.a. (physicians' assistant) attended to me. Usual stuff - culminated in x-rays, novocain injections into the finger and the chin, stitches in the chin, re-setting of the finger, and a tentanous shot. And 2 hours later (about 1 pm) we headed for sandwich shop for lunch.

I opted to not change my clothes - for time-saving purposes, and after all, we were both starved. And I secretly enjoyed those surreptitious glances - what happened to you?

It's now 2 days later. The throbbing in my finger is so painful that it wakes me up after only a few hours each night. I am seeing my primary care this afternoon so that he can evaluate me and see if I need further followup or anything. Following 2 nights of poor-to-no-sleep, I am ready to just heal.

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