Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back at the keyboard again

Just a coupla paragraphs...

Got back to our own hacienda last evening - by the time we stopped and picked up some milk and English muffins, it was about 6 pm when Drummer turned off the alarm at the home. Lots of crap to unpack... fair share of it was dirty laundry (even tho' I had washed clothes at my sister's), and the usual stuff that we manage to pick up (printed material - the Onion, the Reader and other things that we don't easily find here, if at all).

The two days of driving back were pretty intense. Seemed much longer than the journey going up to MN. when it really was just the same total hours in return. Guess we were much more tired on the way back...

Ate way too many calories - folks mean well, and it is hard to say no when good stuff is put before you. Also had 2 terrific pizzas - one from Broadway Pizza in Richfield and the other at Sammy's Pizza in Duluth. Those two places know how to do thin-crust 'zas good!

More will be written about these past two weeks, in small installments. It was good to see family, and it makes us more anxious to return to our roots, I guess.

Mom turned 80 on Sept. 15th (which is why we chose this time of year to travel). It was fun to help her celebrate - she is happy when a small fuss is made over her, and I hope we contributed to that. She stepped outside of my sister's house, when Drummer and I were heading to the car. I gave her a hug, and she said (as she does whenever we leave to return to Houston), "I always hate to see you go." I tried to give a little pep talk when I replied, "Well, we'll be living back here in less than 3 years." And her final comment was, "I'm so glad you are coming back to Minnesota, back where you belong." That put a lump in my throat, and I gave her another hug before I walked to the car.

She stood at the back door and waved as we left. I hope she will still be doing as well, as these last 34 months pass.

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