Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Busy weekend, not much accomplished!

Busy little weekend, but nothing monumental to report.

Got my hair cut and colored on Friday. That always brings up (in my mind), how much longer do I want to keep this up (the coloring part)? I really like the red/auburn - but that grey/white that really shows at the roots, especially on my temples and sides, looks like it wants to be free! But in the work world (those young women who are everywhere), grey just screams OLD. So I guess I will carry on with this facade for a while longer...

It's grilling season again in Houston, but really it can always be grilling season here. Something we will have to adjust/compensate for, when we return to MN in '10. I'm thinking that we will try to have a covered area where we can wheel the grill under and crank it up, during our ambitious retirement. Maybe try out our grilling expertise on our old friends up in MN! We used the grill on Friday (salmon fillets & asparagus), Saturday (beef steaks), and Sunday (marinated chicken breasts). We do like the veggies on the grill - asparagus, zucchini, onions, and then any combo on kabobs is good, too.

Our neighbors had a garage sale Saturday morning, so we piggybacked on to theirs. We didn't have a lot of stuff, but ended up netting about $75 - which about paid for the tv that we bought from the other garage sale. Our main tv (in the family room) has been going out for some time - the top part of the screen is all weirded-out, so when any game scores display in this area, we just don't have a clue. The replacement tv is a 2003 model, so we hope it will last us until we move out of Houston. Or at least another year or several. The new hdtv models keep increasing in quality and decreasing in price all the time, so the longer we can wait, the more up-to-date and cheaper our new tv will be!

I had to leave Drummer alone to close up the sale, since I had a prior commitment at the church. I had signed up for a ladies' lunch, which is a fund raiser for a new range for the kitchen. Because of the use of the range, the church had to pop for a commercial-level (read: pricey) range. But I guess the old one was a real problem, so this was a blessing in disguise. It was a fun lunch. Each table was "hostessed" by a different person. That person supplied the dishes, glassware, napkins, tablecoverings and silverware - plus other decorative things, as befitted the theme. There were some beautiful china settings, some fun settings - the table I sat at, had used the fiesta stoneware and incorporated those colors; another had a Margaritaville theme; one had used a birthday party theme, with paper plates and napkins, little gift bags, etc. There are some creative minds in that group! It was a "light lunch" - tea, coffee, one scoop each from 2 different chicken salads (so 2 scoops), and angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip. Not high calorie, but tasty. I heard about all the hours involved in preparing the food, tables, etc. I wish I was as giving of my time as some of these women are. The entertainment was a surprise - one of the men at church who belongs to the choir, did 3 solos of operatic-style music. And then he and Danny (the music director) did a duet of another song in that mode. I was so surprised at how good Keith was, and Danny is known for his good voice. We gave a standing round of applause at the end! There was a raffle and a door prize, too. Of course, I didn't win anything, but I contributed to the raffle "pot". It's all for a good cause.

Sunday we were heathens again, and skipped church. Knowing what is facing me this next weekend - I am volunteering both Saturday and Sunday at the IAPH (Int'l. Assn. of Ports and Harbors) gathering which is held in Houston this year - I knew I would need at least one day to myself. My energy level was way down on Sunday. Ended up getting up several times during Sunday night/Monday wee hours, being sick - so I think my system knew that was brewing and didn't want me to do anything stupid.

So yesterday I was home sick. Couldn't stay in our bed, however, because Drummer had already rounded up Leroy to help us finish the painting of our master bedroom. It looked so great when they were done - our color choices were SO right. Now I am anxious to finish this room with drapes and some things on the wall. We had decided to use the same color - (something) Rouge is the name, Valspar paint from Lowe's - that we used on the wall behind the headboard, and put that on the alcove part of the ceiling. I know that is hard to understand. I'll try to post a photo one of these days, of that room.

Well, for a "nothing" weekend, I prattled on and on. Gotta go!

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